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how can you help your friends with there problems

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great answer, thank youu
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A relationship counselor

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Relationship fixer

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Q: What is a person who helps to fix a relationship called?
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How is counseling a relationship?

Counseling helps you fix problems you have in your relationship and help you to have a stronger relationship with your significant other.

How do you tak care the relationship?

Talk to the other person. Ask them what they feel is wrong with the relationship. Confront them on how you truly feel about it. Then tell them you want to talk to them, and fix things.

What do you call a person who helps an addict get their fix?

A person who helps addicts get their fixes is called an enabler. They help the addict to stay an addict. But anyone who nags regularly at an addict can also be seen as an enabler. They are taking responsibility for the substance abuser's life, thus preventing the substance abuser from needing to grow or change. There is always someone there like a mother figure to clean up their messes and fix things for them.

How do i fix my relationship?


What does relationship molding mean?

It means to fix or improve a relationship.

How do you fix your life?

You fix your life by doing what you supposed to.Staying on the right track all the time and doing stuff for good to be a better person in the future.Its called succeed

What do you call a person that fixes lights?

A person that fixes lights is called an electrician. They are able to fix and repair electric wiring, lights, and appliances.

How do you fix the relationship?

By going back to the way you started off.

How do you fix an un happy relationship?

Try not to be a total idiot.

What does a stitched up heart symbolize?

A relationship that need to be fix

She feels bored in her current relationship?

She has fell out of love with that person. Unless there is no excitement in the relationship. She should add something or communicate with her boyfriend and work out a way to add some spark back into their relationship. If this fails, maybe they need some time alone to work on it, maybe they will fix it, maybe they will break up.

What is relationship between polymer and monomer?

the pre-fix mono means one the pre-fix poly means many