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A person who always thinks the worst will happen is known as a pessimist.

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Q: What is a person called when they always think the worst will happen?
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What does overly optimistic mean?

To be optimistic means to always think that the best will happen. Overly optimistic means that you think the best will always happen even when it is impossible for the best to happen. If no good can come of something and you can see the end game in advance, an overly optimistic person will play it out anyway hoping that good will just happen by chance.

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If you always do what you have always done, the same thing that always happens will happen again. Only by changing your behavior will you get different results.

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What could happen is that the person won't be able to think straight, maybe even die.

A man or woman who always think i am ill?

any person who think that he is ill he always remain ill

What can you do to reduce litering?

to think what will happen to the world if every person did it

What does pasamistic mean?

A person who always think for the worst

Ways to know if your in love?

When you constantly think of the person. And always want to be around the person.

What does a trustworthy person do?

i think trustworthy person means's like you trust someone are always doing a good things.........& they are always helping the peoples ............

What is a person who does reflexology called?

a reflexologest (I think!)

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What it it called when you hear of a disease and you always think you might have it?