What is a perfusionist?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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A technical specialist who cares for the heart / lung bypass machinery.

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Q: What is a perfusionist?
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Where can a perfusionist work?

A perfusionist would typically work in a hospital setting alongside a cardiovascular surgeon. The perfusionist is responsible for the patient's circulation and/or respiration during surgery where they must be placed on external support. The perfusionist is a technologist and as such has very selective medical expertise.

What is the definition of the term perfusionist?

The definition of the term perfusionist is a person who works in surgeries and gives the patient oxygen. A perfusionist is a certified profession. A perfusionist's job is to ensure that the patient receives enough oxygen and to ensure that the patients are functioning through one's heart and lungs.

What are the personality traits of a perfusionist?

personality traits of a perfusionist are knowledgeable, brave, confident, smart, cool and quick reaction.

What does a perfusionist do?

A perfusionist operates a heart-lung machine in the healthcare industry. They work in the surgical theater during heart procedures.

What is the take home of a perfusionist?

$2,342 :)

How much are tax deductions for a perfusionist?


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What is the salary of a senior chief perfusionist?


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Is there a college or school for perfusionist in Florida?

Yes, Barry university

What is the average salary of an experienced perfusionist?

Perfusionist who have at least ten years experience average a salary of $100,000 per year. Perfusionists who are starting out in the field average$80,000 per year.