What is a pcp high like?

Updated: 9/6/2023
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PCP is a very powerful high, and from personal experiences the high can be very different according too how much you have smoked. The first few hits make you feel very light headed followed by a very sensational feeling, some enjoy it others bug out. If you continue hitting it you will slowly become more what I like to call zombie like. You're still in control of your thoughts, but you're body feels crazy and much deeper thoughts are bombarding you're brain then usual. You feel like a deep thinker, Like you could carry the world. You feel like you could do anything like climb the biggest tree. I've never done anything stupid because while on this drug I could always tell reality from what was the drug messing with me. Usually when I smoke PCP with my friends its in the form of a dipped cigarette and at least one other person but usually three. ( never smoke one to you're face if you have never smoked before). We smoke until we get the feeling where we are freaking out, but a good kind of freaking out, We love to run around and do silly things and love to listen to techno type music and especially pink Floyd.

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PCP is a disassociative psychedelic. It mediates it's effects via NMDA antagonism.

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Q: What is a pcp high like?
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Is pcp like herion?

Not at all. PCP is a disassociative psychedelic where heroin is an opiate.

Why is PCP also known as angel dust?

The feeling of PCP the PCP high is not comprehendable, it is explained as a feeling of complete euphoria, "the gift from an angel" PCP is not dust, dust just seems to be a good word for a gift from an angel.

What does pcp smell like?

pcp could be a liquid ,powder,or could be laced in leaf material

What to do to bring pcp high down?

Drink an excessive amount of milk

Can a 50 cal airgun kill a deer?

Yes If it's a 50 Cal PCP Air Rifle. PCP's (PeCharges Pneumatic) air rifles & guns are designed to hold a pressure of 2000 to 3000 PSI and can take down large game like Deer and Elk. PCP also come in 45 Cal and 9mm along with .177, .20, .22 & .25 Caliber. PCP's are the high end of Air rifles and guns.

What is PCP effects?

Like spiderman and the hulk in one

What is inside PCP?

Pure PCP contains only PCP (phencylidine).

Why is pcp so dangerous?

PCP effects are completely unpredictable, with the majority of cases being straight-up awful. One who is on PCP is completely detached from reality and--without supervision--is bound to hurt himself or others. It doesn't help that PCP users have a general tendency to go berserk in a millisecond. In conclusion, PCP itself doesn't kill, but the effects are generally bad.

How is pcp administered?

PCP is not administrated

Is pcp a depression?

pcp is a tranqulizer

What does pcp stand 4?

PCP is phencyclidine.

Is PCP a hallucinagen?

Yes, PCP is a hallucinogen.