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a strait forward honest and never crossing relationship

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Q: What is a parallel relationship?
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What is the relationship between the slopes of two parallel lines?

Parallel lines have the same slope.

What is the relationship of the slopes of parallel lines?

They are the same.

In relationship to the diaphysis of a long bone the osteons are?


What is the relationship between the sum and product of the roots?


Does a square only have one side of parallel lines?

One side cannot be parallel because parallel is a relationship between two lines (or sides). A square has two pairs of parallel lines.

How do parallel and perpendicular slopes compare or their y intercept?

There is no relationship between the slopes of parallel or perpendicular lines and their y-intercepts.

Relationship of the diagonals of parallelogram?

The diagonals of a parallelogram are parallel and the same length.

What relationship does the mid segment have to the base of a triangle?

A trapezoid midsegment is parallel to the set of parallel lines in a trapezoid and is equal to the average of the lengths of the bases

What is the relationship between you and R in networks of parallel resistors in electric circuits?


What is the relationship between opposite sides of a parrelogram?

They are parallel sides that are equal in length

What kind of relationship do angles and lines have?

Either they are parallel to or they intersect each other.

What shape has one parallel side only?

Answer: trapezoid Answer: There is no such thing as "one parallel side". Parallel refers to the relationship between TWO lines - so, two lines can either be parallel, or not be parallel. A shape can have one PAIR of parallel sides (e.g. a trapezoid), two PAIRS of parallel sides (e.g., a parallelogram), or more than that (e.g., a regular hexagon has three pairs of parallel sides).