What is a nullip cervix?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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A cervix that is long thick and closed or admits only a fingertip

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Q: What is a nullip cervix?
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Do men have a cervix?

No, typically men do not have a cervix. The cervix is a part of the female reproductive system, located at the lower end of the uterus.

What is a prominent cervix?

what is a prominent cervix?

Do only males have a cervix?

Men do not have a cervix.

What is the ventral opening to the uterus?


Is collum the scientific name for cervix?

No, "cervix" is the correct scientific term for the narrow lower portion of the uterus in females. "Collum" is not used to refer to the cervix in anatomy or medical terminology.

What is the ring of muscle at the opening of the uterus called?


Where is the cervix on a woman?

The cervix is located inside a woman's vagina. The vaginal opening is an opening to the vaginal canal that leads to the cervix. The cervix is a tiny hole the shape of a doughnut that leads to a woman's uterus.

Why is it necessary for the cervix to dilate?

Cervix has got a opening it it. Cervix is a sphincter. Normally it is in contracted stage. At the time of the delivery the cervix needs to be dilated slowly and progressively. The uterus goes on contracting and retracting. The whole baby has to pass through the dilated cervix in order to get the baby delivered. Normal delivery is not possible with out the cervix getting dilated.

Can sperm go through your cervix if cervix feels closed?


What is the plural form of cervix?

The plural of cervix can either be cervixes or cervices.

Where is the cervix located if you are 10 days from your period?

The cervix is usually located low, firm, and closed 10 days before your period. It may also feel slightly tilted and moist. Tracking cervical position can help in predicting fertility and ovulation.

How do you use cervix in a sentence?

The cervix is the head of the uterus. Here are some sentences.During childbirth, the cervix dilates to allow the baby to come out.A PAP smear takes a small sample from the cervix to test for cancer.The cervix is a hard, muscular organ.