What is a loose stool?

Updated: 9/7/2023
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A stool that is too liquid to form a constant shape, e.g. diarrhea. loose stools are stools that are not pure water but they are not formed stools that come out usually in one piece. they are usually very very soft and have liquid along with the stools. Also can be abnormal colors

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Loose stools is a "nice" way to say Diarrhea.
Diarrhoea - the passage of 3 or more loose or watery stools per day

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Q: What is a loose stool?
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Are diarrhea and loose stool the same?

No. Diarrhea is all liquid. Loose stool is partly liquid, partly solid.

You get loose stool when you eat fried foods?


bad gas,stomach ache ,running stool.?

bad gas,stomach ache,loose stool

How do you spell daihrior?

The correct spelling is "diarrhea" (loose stool).

Is there any sign that occurs to show that conception has taken place within the first or second week search as loose stool?

You can not know from any signs or symptoms that you have conceived. Your loose stool has nothing to do with the conception.

Why is your poops green?

loose stool can be caused by two things. It could be diet or worms.

What happens to you when you get cholera?

You get few bouts of severe vomiting. Then you get loose motion. After few loose motion of normal fecal matter, you get typically the rice water stool. You pass lot of stool without your knowledge. Untreated promptly, you may die of dehydration.

What causes grainy sand like stools in children?

constipation leads to loose grainy stool passing around a hard plug of stool. So constipation and encopresis.

How do you spell drieera?

The likely word is the common medical condition spelled "diarrhea" (loose stool).

What is the diet in loose motion?

The term loose motion in reference to diet often means loose stool or diarrhea. This can be caused by dietary changes, lack of water, nervous irritability, or other dietary issues.

Why do I have Loose stool and discharge?

You could have an infection. If the discharge is from the penis or vagina and yu're having loose stools, it could be serious. Go see a doctor. I'm a doctor

How do you spell diorerra?

The spelling of the medical condition is diarrhea in the US (loose bowels).The UK spelling can be diarrhoea.