What is a instrument used to cut a tendon?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Usually a scalpel is used to cut a tendon when doing surgery.

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Q: What is a instrument used to cut a tendon?
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When this tendon is cut it is hard to walk?

it is impossible the tendon connects to the muscle that connects to the bone that it moves if it is cut then it is impossible to move

What procedures are used to surgically treat mallet finger?

If the tendon was damaged due to a cut, stitches may be required both to repair the tendon and to adequately close the wound.

What is the medical term for surgical instrument used to cut the skin for grafting?

What is the surgical instrument used to cut the skin for grafting

What is the instrument used to cut dried leaves off onions?

An Illige is used to cut the dried leaves of an onion.

What does the suffix -tome mean?

The suffix -tome means "instrument used for cutting" or "cutting instrument," and is often used in medical terminology to refer to an instrument used for cutting or incising tissue, such as a dermatome or a biopsy.

What is the Surgical instrument used to cut the esophagus?


What is an instrument named chisel used for?

A chisel is not actually a music instrument but instead is a cutting instrument with a sharp beveled edge. Chisels are used to cut and shape wood, metal and stone.

Can you fix a tendon that was cut a long time ago?

not, I, personally.

You are used to cut shortening into dry ingredients what are you?

A Pastry Blender is the curved instrument used to cut shortening or you may use 2 forks.

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What is an instrument used by a surgeon for scraping bones?

An osteotome is used to cut or prepare bone.

What is metzenbaum surgical instrument used for?

Metzenbaum scissors are used to cut soft delicate tissue.