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systemic; one that travels and infects the whole body.

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Q: What is a infection that travels throughtout the body called?
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What is meant by systemic infection and localised infection?

A localised infections is an infections that is limited to a specific body part or region. A systemic infection is the opposit. That's when the patogen is distributed throughtout the whole body.

What system pumps and carries blood throughtout the body?

I believe the answer you are looking for is called a blood vessel. The system is called a circulatory system.

Where is the circulatory system located in the body?

everywhere it flows blood throughtout your body.

What is neurofibrosis?

benign tomurs that grow on nertve tissues throughtout the body

What is it called when the blood travels through the body and heart?


The path that a body follows as it travels around another body in space is called?


What is kidney Infection describe?

Any infection (germs or virus) that effects the body of the kidney. Source can be direct (via a wound), blood born, or ascending (travels up from the bladder).

invasion of the body by any pathogen is called?


What are the body's infection-fighting tools called?


What is A pathogen's entry into a host's body tissue called?


What are the conducting cells that can produce and propagate an action potential for communication throughtout the body?


Double tube from kidney to bladder?

The tube that travels from the kidney to the bladder is called the ureter, not to be confused with the tube that travels from the bladder to the exit point from the body, which is called the urethra.