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your skin

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Q: What is a human body's largest organ that regenerates cells?
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What is human is biggest bodys biggest organ?

heart Internal organ maybe, but the largest organ is your skin.

How many reproductive cells in most human bodys?

There are 46 chromosomes in most human bodies. They are made up of 23 pairs of chromosomes, one of which contains two reproductive cells.

Which part of the human body regenerates except nail and teeth?


What cells in the human body are replaced frequently compared to brain and nerve cells?

It is a fallacy that the body regenerates all its cells every seven years. In actuality, each type of cell has its own lifespan. The lifespan of a colon cell, for example, is only about four days.

What Cells are the structural unit of the human body capable of independent existence.?


Is the whales largest animal on earth have larger cells than humans?

Yes, blue whales are the largest animals on Earth and have some of the largest cells. While human cells are smaller in size, they are more diverse and complex in structure compared to whale cells.

What is the Second largest cell in the human body?

The ova (egg cell) is the second largest cell in the human body, with the largest being the female egg or ovum. These cells are larger in size compared to most other cells in the human body due to their specialized functions related to reproduction.

Are the largest cells in the body the muscle cells?

Depends on how you define "largest." The longest cell in the human body is actually a nerve cell in the leg (because it stretches essentially the entire human body - from brain to foot). But in terms of microns (how cells are measured), the anterior horn cell of the spine is the largest in circumfrance at 135 micrometers.

What is the biggest and the smallest cells of human being?

The smallest is the sperm cell, the largest the ovum

What cell can you see with your own eyes?

You can see human skin cells with your own eyes, especially when looking at a scrape or a blister. Skin cells are the largest type of human cells visible to the naked eye.

How much bones do you have in your bodys?

There are approximately 206 bones in the human body.

What material is used for the construction of KRS dam at mysore?

egg and human bodys