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the leg of a horse

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The wing of the bat.

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Q: What is a homologous structure to the human forearm?
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Is the human forelimb a homologous structure?

yes its homologous to a bats wing

Which would be a homologous structure to a human?

A bird's wing bone

Is a human appendix a homologous structure?

The human appendix (a small sac near the junction of the small and large intestine) is homologous to a structure called the "caecum", a large, blind chamber in which leaves and grasses are digested in many other mammals.

What structure describes scientists believe human arms and whale flippers were inherited from a common ancestor?

Homologous add Perhaps to a human's foot.

Which would be homologous structure to a human arm bone?

A bird's wing bone

Two species have homologous structures what do these homologous strcutures show about the evolutionary relationship between the two species?

The presence of homologous structures (for example, the bone structure in chimpanzee arms, human arms, and whale flippers) indicates that the species sharing that homologous structure share a common ancestor.

Which type of anatomic structure are birds wings and human arms when compared to each other?


What is homologous structures?

A structure with similar shape but a different use

Why tibia is homologous with radius of forearm?

Ulna is medial to radius in the forearm and tibia is medial to fibula in the shank. However it is tibia which is homologous to radius (not fibula), because the form of those two bones are the same.

Body parts similar in origin and structure are what?


The chickens wishbone is homologous to what bone in the human?

The chicken's wishbone is homologous to the CLAVICLE of a human.

What are Structures in different organisms that share a common ancestry?

Homologous structure