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1Of or concerning homosexual love and desire.

2. Tending to arouse such desire.

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Q: What is a homoerotic relationship?
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What is a homerotic relationship?

Homoerotic. It's another word for homosexual.

What actors and actresses appeared in Homoerotic Trainer - 2009?

The cast of Homoerotic Trainer - 2009 includes: Anthony Adornetto as Personal Trainer

What are the release dates for Homoerotic Trainer - 2009?

Homoerotic Trainer - 2009 was released on: USA: August 2011 (Columbia Gorge International Film Festival)

Timeline of 1982?

Hansen brothers hit it big in their homoerotic single "Mmbop."

Why was Socrates brought to trail and condemned to death?

Engaging in homoerotic relationships with a politician

What are some words with the prefix homo?

homoerotic homogamous homograph homonym homophobia homophone

Did Achilles like Patricolus?

There may have been some homoerotic feelings but I would use the text as a reference if I were you. Although I do not think that there were any and that the relationship was simply philos (brotherly freindship/freindship between soldiers) I may be wrong. In other words, check the text.

You are tured on over seeing a penis are you gay?

Sometimes, but it's usually not that simple. You could just be homoerotic.

On its reissue what film included a once-cut homoerotic scene between Laurence Olivier and Tony Curtis?


Screenwriter Gore Vidal tried to insert a homoerotic subtext between Stephen Boyd and Charlton Heston in what movie?


What does John Locke look like?

John Locke, as portrayed in a 17th century portrait, takes on the appearance of one of those old guys who wears one of those funny curly, long, white wigs. Charming!Yes, John Locke was in fact a homosexual, he was in a homoerotic relationship with ur dad. lol

Was achillies gay?

There is no definitive answer to whether Achilles was gay as his sexual orientation is not explicitly mentioned in ancient texts like the Iliad. However, he is portrayed as having a close and intense friendship with Patroclus, and some scholars interpret their relationship as romantic or homoerotic in nature. Ultimately, the interpretation of Achilles' sexuality is subjective and open to individual analysis.