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Any more than your body needs.

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Q: What is a high dose of prednisilone?
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Is hydrocortisone and example of corticosteroids?

Not with out the STEROID part. which is a hormone.

How can demineralization be prevented?

With a prescription of high-dose fluoride gel. Ask your dentist what high-dose fluoride gel is.

Who created the high dose flu shot?

The manufacturer of the high dose flu vaccine that is approved for use in the US is Sanofi Pasteur, Inc. They make the Fluzone High-Dose formulation of influenza vaccine.

Can high dose of medication cause vaginal sores?

This has nothing to do with high dose of drugs. If you are allergic to the drug then normal dose can do so. This can happen with sulfa group of drugs.

What is a toxic dose?

When you are givin to high a dose of medicine or a drug it can be Toxic or deadly.

What dose newcomer mean?


What effect does high-level-control fluoroscopy have on radiation dose?

High-level-control fluoroscopy increases radiation dose to the patient.

Is 80 milligrams of methadone high or low?

80 mg of methadone is the average nationally..... its not a high dose and its not a low dose its the ....... average dose. im on 55 and i am feeling great.

What dose hips stand for?

high impact polystyrene

Are you allowed to take Gravol when you are on a methadone program?

Yes but its not recommended. In very small doses you can still have a high . If either of them are large doses or lets say you are on a high dose or a small dose of methadone then you take a large dose or a small dose of gravol you will get an unpleasant high . It can be lethal if you take a large dose of both Gravol and Methadone . Its not a pleasant high at all and not a good mix Just take all medications as prescribed and be careful

Why is the first dose of the antibiotic twice as much as the maintenance dose?

It is frequently desirale to give a loaded dose of antibitics to build up a high level and get the process of killing the bacteria started.

How can multiple chemical sensitivity be prevented?

Multiple chemical sensitivity is difficult to prevent because even at high-dose exposures, different people react differently. Ensuring adequate ventilation in situations with potential for acute high-dose or chronic low-dose chemical exposure.