What is a hemorrage?

Updated: 9/7/2023
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Hemorrhage (haemorrhage) is excessive or extensive bleeding, either within tissues and organs, or out of the body.

A rapid and/or heavy loss of blood. You can also say something like, "His business was hemorrhaging money because the new product wasn't selling."
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Hemorrhaging refers to bleeding. However, in this case it is bleeding a lot. There are different case types of hemorrhaging for the percent of blood loss.

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Recent means occurring in the last period of time. A hemorrhage is an abnormal or excessive release of blood.

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Q: What is a hemorrage?
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How did loucye gordy die?

Died from a Brain hemorrage

What Type of hemorrage has blood oozing out slowly and is brick red?


How did Leonard Euler die?

he died in st. peterburg from a brain hemorrage.

What are the release dates for Bold Venture - 1959 The Massive Hemorrage of Jamie Kent 1-19?

Bold Venture - 1959 The Massive Hemorrage of Jamie Kent 1-19 was released on: USA: 1959

Did Dr Naismith die of cancer?

No, he deid from a heart hemorrage at the age of 78.

Write the definition and get the word?

A massive hemorrage into tissues under the skin is known as?

Did Franklin D. Roosevelt die of a stroke?

fdr died of a massive cerebral hemorrage

May cause medulla oblongata to be wedged into foramen magnum by pressur of blood?

cerebrovascular accident

Is a brain hemorrhage painful?

yes, a brain hemorrage would be pretty painful considering it is the bleeding of the brain, and it can kill you within seconds

Can large red blood cells after blood transfusion in an adolescent due to menstrual hemorrage be a problem?

yes they could sometimes but they might not

What is a pleural hemorrage?

Pleural fluid is the fluid found in your lungs. My guess is that a pleural hemorrhage would be the result of fluid buildup expanding the lungs to the point where the tiny sacs in your lungs could rupture.

What are the Nursing diagnosis of ectopic pregnancy?

The primary nursing diagnosis is "fluid volume deficit"because of the hemorrage. The secondary nursing diagnosis could be- "pain, anxiety or anticipatory grieving at the loss of the fetus".