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There's no single time line for all relationships, it all depends on how you both feel, your religions, and many other things. Do things when you're sure you're ready; not when you think its supposed to happen.

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Q: What is a healthy time line for a physical relationship?
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Is it normal to fight in a relationship?

Yes. Not everyone shares the same opinions and these could sometimes result in a fight. All healthy relationships will have fights from time to time. As long as it doesn't get physical or emotionally abusing.

Were thought of as the study of and their relationship to physical space or time?

Objects were thought of as the study of their positions and relationships in physical space or time, focusing on their size, shape, and properties.

If a graph of distance versus time is a straight line the graph shows what relationship?

it is a positive relationship

What kind of support do you expect from others in a personal relationship?

A lot of physical attention and then quiet time.

Is ben franzi gay?

Ben's alleged to be in a hetero relationship, but he spends more time with boys than is healthy.

What is vertical line test in a function?

If, at any time, a vertical line intersects the graph of a relationship (or mapping) more than once, the relationship is not a function. (It is a one-to-many mapping and so cannot be a function.)

How does a woman who was raised in fear of her father move past that to a healthy adult relationship?

The best way to maintain a healthy relationship is to take care of yourself first! When you truly love yourself (sounds corny I know) you attract only good from the men you are interested in. Remember that spending all of your time with one person is not healthy!

Do guys like it when girls get mad at them all the time?

no, it does not make for a healthy relationship when people don't get alongEven in the best of relationships there are occasional fights, but not all the time.

What do you understand by great relationship?

That is an interesting question.In a great relationship- there is healthy and regular communication. Both parties are able to discuss their wants and needs, with openness and love.A great relationship involves spending time with each other, in activities and interests of both parties. It also involves time apart- following your own interests, while the other person trusts and supports you.In summary: supporting each other, healthy and regular communication, trust, and time are key components to a great relationship.

How can a break from each other repair a relationship?

A break from one another can actually sometimes be a healthy thing in building your relationship meaning you both had time to think throughly about what you want and how you feel .

Should a girl cheat every time the guy does?

No. The better solution for this is to not date a guy that cheats. This is not healthy behaviour in any relationship.

You just met a girl on phone and you want meet her today?

If you want to continue healthy relationship which may lead you to commit then dont rush.......if it is a playboy fun then ask immediately a time to meet.......... If you want to continue healthy relationship which may lead you to commit then dont rush.......if it is a playboy fun then ask immediately a time to meet..........