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over the range microwave

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Q: What is a hanging microwave called?
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What is microwave called in Urdu?

it's called microwave in Urdu also

Why hanging garden of India is called as hanging garden?

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What is microwave tube?

microwave tubes are sometime called as vaccum eletrpn device... that are used to generate or amplify microwave radio frequencies.

What does a microwave convert electrical energy into?

Electricity is converted into the electromagnetic wave called a microwave.

Why Microwave is called a microwave?

A microwave oven is called a 'microwave' because that is the type of radio wave it uses to induce heat. An RF wave with a frequency between 300 MHz and 300 GHz is considered a microwave. Microwave ovens typically operate around 1-2 GHz. It is always surprising as to why they are called micro waves when their frequency is in Giga range. Its because, their wavelength is in micron range.

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What is microwave hyperthermia?

Another new approach is microwave hyperthermia , using a device called the Prostatron to deliver microwave energy to the prostate through a catheter.

Does food in a microwave oven absorb microwaves?

Yes, items in a microwave oven can be said to absorb microwaves. The microwave energy causes what is called dielectric heating, and this activity takes energy from the microwave beam.

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