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feel the vibes sometimes guys look at girls because it is our nature

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Q: What is a guy thinking if he looks at a girl whenever she walks past him and does that mean he is interested?
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Why is it that whenever somebody walks past you they faint?

My good looks or my deodorant.

You knew a girl in six grade and and you were friends but now she looks at you a lot in the cafeteria and when she walks by looks at you with the corner of her eye what does that mean?

this could mean that she's interested in you, or it could mean nothing at all. if your interested in her, drop some hints(very subtle ones though) and if she likes you she'll drop some too.

Do landslide change the earth surface?

no but your mama does whenever she walks.

What does that mean if the guy you like walks the longer way and looks at you as he passes by you for a few times?

He is interested in you. He probably thinks you're cute or has a crush on you, but is too shy or insecure to approach you. Either that or he's looking at someone else that is near you at this time.

What does it mean when a guy walks past you verrrry close and looks right in your eyes and also has a big cheesy grin on his face and looks you up and down when he sees you smiling with your friends?

•likes you •checking you out •interested in you Good luck and if you like him back you should ask him out P.s. Don't waste a lot of time ~ GOOD LUCK

When can you tell that a guy wants to date you?

if he is really shy....and looks at you everytime he walks by you...

What is Ralph thinking as he walks behind jack?

Dum Dee dum Dee dum . . .

Will a guy who has a girlfriend stare at you whenever he walks towards you for over half a year when you've stared at him for a day over half a year ago and that you never stared back anymore?

Maybe because he doesn't want to be with his girlfriend anymore and so he's interested in you and remembers something like you used to have a crush on him or something like that. But mostly because he is interested. Maybe you should approach him and ask him if that is the deal.

Sings if a guy is jealous while your talking about another guy?

Ok, below are the signs that show if a guy is jealous of you whenever your talking about another guy. * He makes mean obnoxious comments about the guy * He crosses his arms and looks like he wants you to talk about something else * He says "Ok can we talk about something else." when your talking about him * He rolls his eyes or looks mad whenever you talk about him * He walks away when you talk about him and then comes back when your done * He tells you to be quiet about whosever the persons name is * He comes right out and tells you * He acts like he is disgusted by him

What is that video on YouTube where bill kaulitz looks right in to the camera and walks in 2005?


How do you tell if a guy you don't know that well likes you?

If he looks at you alot or walks by you constantly

What does it mean when a boy stares into your eyes every time he walks by your class room?

He is either interested in you or likes you!