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their love

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Q: What is a gift that your spouse gave you that you cherish the most?
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What do people cherish most?

Everyone is different and different people cherish different things most. Some cherish money and possessions or status, others cherish personal glory and honour, still others cherish friendship and a sense of belonging. The lucky ones are those who cherish the love of family and friends.

What is the morel of the gift of the magi story?

the moral of the gift of the magi was that each person gave the other what was believed they would most appreciate, but in doing so, each lost the ability to enjoy what the other gave.

What body is most important?

You own... Cherish it

How do you get cherish ball in Pokemon dimand?

Cherish ball is only available in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl by hacking. Also, most 4th Generation Nintendo events are in cherish balls.

What is the most expensive gift you ever gave your husband?

A mansion along with a 50 inch 3D TV!

What did Han Solo cherish most?

Chewbacca. Who he calls "Chewie"

Your boyfriend gave you a motorbike you are on the title who owns the bike?

If you are on the title as sole owner, you are owner/ unless you share with creditor. a bill of sale is required in most states but a gift is a gift.

What are natures greatest gift to the Indians?

nature gave the Indians life and trees and plants and water one of the most important..

What if husband didnot change his will with new wife in it and he dies?

In most states in the US a surviving spouse has the statutory right to a portion of the estate when they have been "left out" of the will. If a divorced testator forgot to change her/his will and an ex-spouse was included as a devisee, the gift is voided by a divorce unless the will states specifically the gift is valid even after a divorce. The attorney who is handling the estate will explain the laws in your state.

Would we have to pay a gift tax if my mother pays off my house?

Certainly not! You would be receiving a gift and would owe absolutely no tax on it. The "gift tax" is paid by the person MAKING the gift, if it exceeds their annual exclusion. Others have said: Depending on amounts and such...yes, that would easily be the result in most cases. However, it is a very easy thing to plan around (basically by her (and spouse if possible) structuring the gift to you, (and spouse if you possible), spanning years) allows a great amount to be gifted tax free each year. Have her get some pro advice.

Can your dad take your car from you if he gave it to you as a gift?

if he's bigger than you yes lol. In whos name is it registerd? yours most likely not, his yes.

What is the most common gift for in laws?

Whatever you do, don't give them a fruitcake. Most in inlaws like to get a family photo of you and your spouse and children if you have any. A gift certificate to a nice restaurant is always nice. Depending on how much you can afford to spend, a Christmas ornament with a picture in it and the date is the beginning of a nice tradition each year. Merry Christmas!