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Well its the same relationship you have with your computer!

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Q: What is a flowers relationship to people?
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What helps plants reproduce?

Plants reproduce through processes like pollination, where pollen containing male sex cells fertilizes the female ovule to form seeds. This can involve wind, insects, birds, or other animals transferring pollen between flowers. Some plants can also reproduce asexually through methods like cloning or producing offshoots.

Frogs live in pools of water collected by flowers in the top of rain forest canopies. The flowers get nutrients from the frog wastes. Which type of relationship is this?


The relationship between honeybees and many flowers is an example of?


Is it cute for a guy to get a girl he has a crush on flowers for Valentine's Day?

It is appropriate for a guy to give a girl flowers on Valentine's Day. Exceptions are if the girl is in a relationship, if she has allergies to flowers, or if she does not like flowers.

You cross a pure-breeding plant with red flowers and a pure -breeding plant with white flowers. All the offspring have red white speckled flowers. what type of allele relationship does this show?

You cross a pure-breeding plant with red flowers and a pure-breeding plant with white flowers. All the offspring have red and white speckled flowers. What type of allele relationship does this show?

Can people carry flowers?

umm... yes. I know I do. When you buy flowers you have to carry them to your mother! Therefore, yes, people can carry flowers

What would a woman want her man to do for her?

Depend on where you are in your relationship from flowers to intercourse to marrage

When was People - Hothouse Flowers album - created?

People - Hothouse Flowers album - was created in 1988-05.

What month do people begin planting flowers?

It can depend on the flowers you are planting.

Why are Sympathy designs so important in the retail floral business?

Many people send flowers to people that are sick or injured. People send flowers to funerals to show sympathy for the family. Flowers are meant to cheer people.

What verb do you use for the sentence The vase of flowers is on the table?

The verb "is" should be used in the sentence "The vase of flowers is on the table" as it shows the relationship between the subject (vase of flowers) and the location (on the table).

Why people loves flowers?

People love colors which make them happy. Flowers are of variety of colors and fragrance too.