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Closed medical files are part of a system the US Navy uses to ensure that medical records remain in the custody of one of their affiliated hospitals at all times.

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A closed medical chart is one that will no longer be used because the patient is deceased. However, it may be reopened for legal purposes such as for evidence in a court case.

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Q: What is a closed medical chart?
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Why do you see SOB on your medical chart?

It is a medical abbreviation for "Shortness of Breath"

What is the definition of a medical chart?

A medical chart is a confidential document that contains detailed and comprehensive information on an individual and the care experience related to that person.

What do the initials EPIC the medical computer chart stand for?

Electronic Patient Information Chart

What is the medical term meaning closed?

Occluded or atresic may be used to mean closed, depending on the context.

What does the medical term closed mean?

Closed has the same meaning in medical terms as in lay language. A closed fracture means there is no related opening in the skin. A closed cervix does not have a dilated os.

Does HIPAA require a release for healthcare practitioners to share medical records?

Yes, as long as the release of these records conforms with HIPAA regarding acceptable disclosures. One in the medical chart, they are part of the medical chart.

What is the difference between medical records and a hospital chart?

A hospital chart is based on a day to day basis,as to what medical records are is an accumulation of a hospital stay it is kept and stored.

What does the medical abbreviation WM mean?

WM in a medical chart typically refers to a "white male."

How do you give a chart eye exam?

If you are referring to Snelen Eye chart it is very easy. all you have to do is to put the snelen eye chart on the wall, walk 20ft away from the chart then read it with your left eye closed then followed by your right eye.

What does the medical symbol that looks like a pie chart mean?

It symbolises that they keep medical waste in their facility.

Why do people have more than one medical chart?

Because most people have such relationships with more than one health professional or caregiver, most people actually have more than one medical chart.

What is the medical term meaning eyebrows?

Supercilium is the medical term meaning eyebrown, but I haven't seen it written in a chart to date.