What is a caniption fit?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Q: What is a caniption fit?
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How do you say you are fit in German?

Ich bin fit = I am fit Du bist fit = You are fit

As fit as a fiddle with meaning in best condition?

As fit as a fiddle

What is the homophone for fit?

An archaic word for fit is meet, which is a homophone of meat.

What is fit and types of fit?

fit is the interaction of an object with the other when they act as a single mechanical element for purposes like power transmission etc. types of fit are- interferance fit clearence fit transition fit

Can you give me a sentence with fit?

You can not fit into your jeans because you are not fit.

What is the future tense of fit?

The future tense of fit is will fit.

Wii fit and Wii fit plus?

Wii Fit Plus has more activities than Wii Fit & is better than Wii Fit.

What is contemporary fit?

Cotemporary fit is a fit which lies in between Classic and Slim fit. Its comfortable yet not loose like a classic fit and has ease for body movements unlike a slim fit...

What is the sentence of fit of fury?

fit of fury

Difference between clearence fit transiton fit and interference fit?

clearance Fit - if the clearance is more between the mating parts then it is known as clearance fit. Transition Fit- If the clearance is less between the mating parts then it is known as Transition fit Interference Fit- If the mating parts are fouling or interfering.then it is known as Interference Fit

How do you spell the word fit?

Fit is the correct spelling for the word fit.

What is the past tense of fit?

'Was' fit - when you are talking about someone being the opposite of overweight, when you fit something into something else, the past tense of that is 'fit' as well. _________________________________________________________________ This question, I believe, refers to the past tense of "fit" as in the VERB fit. To be fit is not a verb, it is an ajective and as such has no tense. According to Webster's, the past tense is either fit or fitted for the verb fit.