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photoreceptor bleaching

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Q: What is a called when you still see light after looking at a bright light?
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What is an ambient light sensor on a monitor?

It Is A Sensor That Detect Light So If Its Dark Your Screen Monitor Brightness Will dim down so you're not looking at one source of extreme bright light, When Its Bright The Screen Monitor Will go up to compensate for the extra light around you so you can still see the monitor comfortably

Who seen a bright ball of light after death?

Many people actually claim to see a bright ball of light after death. Some individuals have been brain dead and still reported seeing a tunnel to another realm.

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The moon is bright on a crystal clear night because the light of the Sun reflects on the Moon because it is in between Earth and the Sun. I still can't believe you still didn't know this when we learned about it in 2nd grade!

If we look at the moon its very bright why not when you stand on it?

When you look at the moon, the light you are seeing is actually only reflected off the surface of the moon from the sun. The moon appears to be very bright when we look at it from earth, because relative to the dark void of space around it is extremely bright. When you stand on it there will still be an amount of light arriving from the sun.

How can moonlight be so bright?

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What is the kids definition of light energy?

Light is energy that travels in straight lines called rays that fan outward from the source of the light. You're not alone, asker. I'm a 10-year-old girl who is getting really frustrated from all the scientific definitions of how light is produced! Still looking! :)

Why dont we get spectrum through prism in bright light?

If you shine white light through a prism, you always get the same result - a spectrum. However, if the environment is brightly lit, you may not see the spectrum as it will be too faint compared to the brightly lit background.

What is light traveling though an object called?

If light travels through an object, it is still called light. If you want to specify, you might say "light travelling through an object".

Could a light at 110 voltage be used in UK?

The light bulb will probably burn out, if the fuse of the lamp does not burn out first. On the other hand, a lamp with 240V rating can still be used in the USA, but the light will be about half as bright for the same light bulb.

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