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Q: What is a better word for hurting?
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What is a word for Something that is not hurting?

Pick a word, any word really. If its hurting, pick again. Otherwise you're good to go.

Is hurting an abstract noun?

The gerund 'hurting' can function as a concrete or an abstract noun.The noun 'hurting' is a concrete noun as a word for the endurance of physical pain.The noun 'hurting' is an abstract noun as a word for the endurance of emotional or mental pain.

How do use the word eardrum in a sentence?

My toes are hurting.

How do you say its over with out hurting him?

Tell him that he deserves better and that you just are not happy!

What word means to keep something from hurting or hitting you?

The word you may be looking for is 'shield'.

Can you give me a sentence using the word wrist?

My wrist is hurting.

What do you do when you have a boyfriend and you like this new guy a lot better?

You break up with him, especially if this new guy treats you better. Besides if you stay with your boyfriend knowing you like this other boy, not only are you hurting yourself but you are also hurting him.

Your bf makes out by engulfing your lips in his how can you make your kisses better without hurting his feelings?

Talk to him about it.

How much hurting will a hurting hurt if a hurting hurts your hurt?

if your hurting, hurt the hurting with more hurting, the hurtin will then be hurted. Hurt.

What word exactly to describe the person get happy by hurting others psychologically or emotionally?


What word that includes 'in' within it means 'not hurting'?

Pa'in'less. That means no pain. It also has'in' in it.

How do you dump someone on the internet on msn without hurting his feelings?

you don't it's better to tell them in person