What is a bedload?

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waste transported from the river!

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Q: What is a bedload?
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Why does the bedload decrease from source to mouth?

because the river picks up speed so it is able to erode the bedload better so the river gets less and less bedload.

How do you calculate bedload size?

You cannot:)

The amount of sediment a river carries is called what?


What is the fine sediment transported within the body of flowing water?

a bedload

Is a river the same depth everywhere?

No, it can be affected by things such as the bedload of the river and the width.

Why does the Bedload size become smaller and more rounded as you go downstream?


Three ways a stream transport its load.?

1. Suspended2. Dissolved3. Bedload

What is river efficiency?

River efficiency is how easily a river can move water, sediment and bedload.

What has the author M A Carson written?

M. A. Carson has written: 'Bedload transport in gravel channels'

Why does bed load decrease downstream?

Bedload decreases downstream due to the fact that the rocks and pebbles would be bumping into each other and breaking bits off (abrasion and attrition). Also, faster river velocities are capable of carrying greater amounts of bedload and transporting them farther and faster. The shape of the sediments of the bedload would therefore be exposed to more physical weathering which would progressively round the sediments and also decrease their size.

What is bedload in a river channel?

It is sediment transported by a river that becomes too heavy to be in suspension and thus sinks

How does the bedload change from source to mouth?

Do you remember the band BUSTED? Yh well pray that they get back together... Thanks :)

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