What is a Hypo-dense mass?

Updated: 9/7/2023
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A hypodense liver mass is an area of the liver that shows up as a different color on ultrasound or CT scan than the liver itself. It is not a diagnosis, but only an observation of the picture the radiologist took. It's often found "accidentally" while looking for something else, and doesn't need treatment but may need a follow-up picture in a few months. Your health care provider will combine this finding with the ohter information gathered from the history, physical, and lab tests to determine what this finding means for you.

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A hypodense mass is a reading from a radiology scan. This indicates that a mass has been detected by a change in color.

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Q: What is a Hypo-dense mass?
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What is a hypodense mass along the posterior aspect of the uterus?

what is a hypodense in a uterus

What is the difference between hypodense mass and isodense mass?

A hypodense mass looks darker than surrounding tissue on ultrasound. An isodense mass is the same color as surrounding tissue on ultrasound.

What is a hypodense lesion?

Any Lesion on CT which is more black than the surrounding parenchyma is said to be Hypodense. If it is MRI, we should say it as Hypointense.

What is hypodense focus?

What does hypodense focus mean. Thank You mj1960

What is hypodense focus in kidney?

What does hypodense focus mean. Thank You mj1960

What is focal hypodense lesion?

what is afocal hypodense area in the right hippocology region

How big are the adrenal glands I just got a phone call from the hospital I was at last night and was told it showed on CT Scan a 6cm Hypodense left adrenal mass highly suspicious of ovary neoplasm?

I think you misheard. I am guessing they said it was a 6 cm hypodense left adnexal mass, not adrenal mass. Talk to your gynecologist today, or see the specialist to whom the hospital referred you.

What is the meaning of ill defined hypodense mass lesion at head of pancreas?

my husband has just had an apendicitis. In the CT scan it was found (incidental finding) two hypodense focal massess in the neck of the pancreas that will require follow up (MRI). We are freaking out. What could that mean? is it smething seriois or somethig normal? Thanks

What is the of meaning ill defined hypodense appearance?

Lesion appears to be ill defined and slightly hypodense on the non contrast and shows bright enhancement on the arterial phase scan

Are liver hemangiomas hypodense or hyperdense?

they are hypodense typically though can have a varied appearance. They can be diagnosed definitvely with a contrast enhacned CT or MR due to a characteristic enhancement pattern. They are a benign lesion.

What is a hypodense lesion at right adrenal gland?

A hypodense lesion is one that is darker than the surrounding tissue on ultrasound. The clinical significance, if any, will be determined by considering your radiology findings in conjunction with the history and physical.

What are hypodensities?

Thyroid nodules are fluid-filled or solid lumps that form within the thyroid. A hypodense nodule is simply a less dense nodule.