What is Valproate?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Valproate (divalproex sodium, or Depakote; valproic acid, or Depakene) is one of the few drugs available that has been proven effective in treating rapid cycling bipolar and mixed states patients.

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Q: What is Valproate?
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Related questions

Is valproate a generic or branded drug?

Valproate as Depakote or Depakene is branded. Valproate as Divaproex Sodium, Sodium Valproate, or Vaproic Acid is generic.

What is Valproic acid related to?

Valproic acid is closely related to divalproex sodium and valproate sodiumValproic acid is closely related to divalproex sodium and valproate sodium

What has the author Susy Felix written?

Susy Felix has written: 'Evaluating the pharmacokinetics of valproate in the elderly: dose-related changes and their influence on effects' 'Evaluating the pharmacokinetics of valproate in the elderly'

Can sodium valproate be taken with clonazepam?

no...can precipitate absence seizures....

What lab is used for a depakote level?

valproate blood level

What are the side effects of Valproate?

Stomach cramps, indigestion, diarrhea, hair loss, appetite loss, nausea, and unusual weight loss or gain are some of the common side effects of valproate.

Can taking valproate semisodium and smoking pot be life threatening?

yes, smoking pot with anything is life threatening.

What medications are used to treat tonic seizure?

Tonic seizures seem to respond favorably to valproate, felbamate , and clonazepam.

Will depakote show up in a drug test?

no, you would need a blood test for valproate to detect it, this not on normal toxicology panels.

Can drugs cause cleft lip?

Some drugs, such as phenytoin, sodium valproate, and methotrexate, also increase the incidence of clefting

How do you stop mood swings?

Mood swings can be stopped by medicines called 'mood stabilizers'. Examples- lamotrigine, lithium, sodium valproate, carbamazepine.

Is divalproex and depakote the same med?

yes, divalproex sodium to be exact: a 50% 50% mixture of valproic acid and sodium valproate in a resonance bond.