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Q: What is Tarzan's girlfriend's name?
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What is the name of Tarzans elephant?


What is Tarzans chimpanzee's name?


Who is Tarzans father?

his father's name is kerchak

What is the name of Tarzans gorilla friend?

turk the gorilla

What is Tarzans English name?

His name is "Boy".

What is Tarzans dad name?

John Clayton, Lord Greystoke.

What is the name of Tarzans friends?

Tarzan's elephant friend is called Tantor.

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Mattiel is his girlfriends' name!

What is Fabregas's girlfriends name?

Fabregas's girlfriends name is Carla.

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his girlfriends name is Juliet Stromin

What is the name of Tarzans skirt?

It is not a skirt. It is called a loincloth.

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the First girlfriends name is Denise.