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Q: What is Stan walkers phone number?
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What is Stan walkers name in New Zealand?

Stan walker

What is the phone number of the Brownsburg Museum in Walkers Creek Virginia?

The phone number of the Brownsburg Museum is: 540-348-1600.

Who are Stan walkers idols?

Justin Bieber and Justin Timberlake

What is the name of Stan walkers album?

His albums name is introducing Stan walker and his new single is unbroken.

What dos Stan walkers tattoo say?

Stan Walker's tattoo says "Ataahua" which means 'beautiful' in Maori :)

When is Stan walkers concert in taupo 2011?

sometime in January i heard

Who s Stan Walkers Girlfriend?

taya smith is her name

Who is Stan walkers mother?

Stan Walkers mothers name is Jullianne Freeman she's married to John Walker,She's 25 years old and was Paige Freeman's daughter.And that's the truth.

What are Stan walkers siblings names?

Stan Walker's brother's name is Mike, Ross , his sister in-law Tammy , but i dont know the rest... sorry about that

What is Stan Walker's daughter's name?

Stan Wakers daughter's name is Shaddernay i know because Stan walkers my cousin. ------------------------------ lol? No, Stan Walker did have a daughter with his ex-girlfriend but she had a miscarriage. They were going to name their daughter Ataahua (Stan's tattoo on his neck) :)

Where is the Stan Hywet Hall And Gardens in Akron Ohio located?

The address of the Stan Hywet Hall And Gardens is: 714 N Portage Path, Akron, OH 44303-1363

Is Hayley Warner in Stan Walkers black box video clip?

i think so but i don't know it looks like her early in the video clip