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sodium aluminum silicate is used as antacid in pharmaceutical and they formed a paste or gel for sodium aluminum silicate

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Q: What is Sodium aluminum silicate in pharmaceutical use?
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Where can you find sodium Silicate?

Sodium silicate is nothing but Sand . So the source of sodium silicate in earth crust. The main use of sodium silicate is to make glass.

Do companies put aluminum on shredded cheese to prevent sticking?

Cheese companies generally use powdered cellulose and/or food starch and/or calcium carbonate. Sodium Aluminum Silicate is an anti-caking agent that may be used, however.

Pharmaceutical uses of sodium acetate?

The Pharmaceutical uses of sodium acetate is that it is used for addictive use only after it has been diluted in the IV fluids.

Where can use sodium silicate?


Would it be safe to use Sodium aluminum silicate in coffee?

Yes it would be fine in coffee as an anticaking agent in small quantities. It is used in some coffee brands. A mixture of 2 percent is safe.

What has the author David C Oyler written?

David C. Oyler has written: 'Use of a sodium silicate gel grout for plugging horizontal methane-drainage holes' -- subject(s): Coalbed methane drainage, Grouting, Sodium silicate

Would you put sodium silicate in your car?

No, I would never use any stop leak chemical like that.

Methods to determine silica content in sodium silicate?

firstly, take 1ml of sodium silicate and add 99ml of water. titrate it with 0.5N HCl and use 1 drop phenophthalein as indicator. the amount of HCl used is converted to gram by using the density and molecular weight calculations. 1.177gm of HCl used for 1 gm of sodium oxide, calculate by multiplying your HCl used for your sodium oxide. now take 10ml of silicate and weigh it in grams and heat it at 180 degrees celsius for 2 hours to get solid content (water evaporated) deduct the value of sodium oxide from total solid content obtained. this is the value of silica in your sodium silicate.

Is there a chemical reaction between aluminum and sodium carbonate?

Yes, I use it to clean coins.

What is the replacement chemical for sodium silicate in dyeing and printing?

we can also use potassium hyderoxide and another metal aquos alkali for your desired process.

The chemical name for mineral cryolite?

Chemically, it is a double fluoride of sodium and aluminum, Na 3 AlF 6 . Its principal use is as a flux in the smelting of aluminum.

Why glass lined reactors are not use for the highly base reactions?

Highly base(Sodium hydroxide) slowly reacts with glass to form sodium silicate. The Glass lined reactor got corroded and life will be very less. jayakumar.R