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Quiet inspiration is likely just breathing in at rest. Quiet expiration is likely just breathing out at rest when you are not out of breath or undergoing any physical activity

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Q: What is Quiet inspiration and what is quiet expiration?
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Is Quiet inspiration an active process?

No, it involves muscle contraction and hence it is active

Which type of respiration do resting muscles depend upon?

during normal quiet expiration all respiratory muscles are at rest, it just depends on elastic recoil of lungs and chest. in normal inspiration the main muscle is your diaphragm

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How does intrapleural pressure change during quiet breath?

During quiet breathing, the intrapleural pressure decreases during inspiration as the diaphragm contracts and the thoracic cavity expands, leading to a decrease in pressure inside the lungs. During expiration, intrapleural pressure increases as the diaphragm relaxes and the thoracic cavity decreases in volume, causing an increase in pressure inside the lungs.

What does intrapulmonary pressure do during quiet inspiration?

Intrapulmonary pressure decreases during quiet inspiration as the diaphragm and external intercostal muscles contract, expanding the thoracic cavity. This leads to an increase in lung volume and a decrease in intrapulmonary pressure, causing air to flow into the lungs.

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What is the difference between normal inspiration and expiration and forced inspiration and expiration?

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