What is Phileo Love?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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phileo love is a friendship type of love that is when you love a friend it isn't really the kind of romantic love

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Q: What is Phileo Love?
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What is the definition of Phileo?

Phileo is one of the four Greek words that mean, "love."

How do you pronounce Phileo love?

fee lo luv

What are two words using the root phileo?

To Love. Your Welcome.

What does the name Philadelphia mean in Greek?

Philadelphia means "brotherly love" from the Greek φιλεω (phileo) "to love" and αδελφος (adelphos)"brother".

How many times is phileo love used in the bible?

I assume you mean in the New Testament, as the Old was not originally written in Greek and Hebrew/Aramaic do not have clearly different words for love like phileo and agape. In any case, phileo is used only 25 times in the entire New Testament. This is a sharp contrast from agape/agapeo which is seen in noun or verb form at least 262 times. Most notably, phileo and agape are both used in the famous discussion between Jesus and Peter in John 21. The way Jesus chooses agape but Peter sticks to phileo until Jesus finally uses phileo as well, seems to indicate there is an important difference between the two words (for it greatly saddens Peter when Jesus switches to using phileo, even though that was the very word he chose to use in answer when Jesus was using agape.)

How do you explain agape love and philao love to 8 year old children?

Tell the child, Agape love is how I feel about my spouse and you. Phileo love is the kind of love i have towards my friends.

What are the different definition's of the word love in the niv bible?

The definition of the word love is the same in any Bible NIV or NKJ or Good News. There are two Greek words in the Bible that are translated into the English word love. They are agapao and phileo. Agapao - this is God's love to his creation, Christian love, it seeks the welfare of all. It is not an impulse from the feelings. Christian love is the fruit of His Spirit in the Christian, Gal_5:22. Phileo - this is "tender affection." It is different from unconditional (agapao) love

Where is 'philia' type of love in the Bible?

Brotherly love. The U.S. city of Philadelphia means 'city of brotherly love.' Peter used 'phileo' in his responses to Jesus in John 21 when Christ asked 3 times if he loved Him.

What does phileo mean in English?

what language is it? IS it dutch send me back

What is a philantropic?

phil·an·throp·ic -adjective of, pertaining to, engaged in, or characterized by philanthropy; benevolent: a philanthropic foundation. Phil is a Greek prefix, from the word phileo, meaning love. The city name Philadephia means brotherly love; adelphi means brothers. A philanthropist expresses love toward mankind. Phil = love, and anthropos = man, or mankind.

What are the seven Greek words in the Bible for love?

Thegreek words are mainly Agape, Eros.Answer:There are only 3 of the 4 Greek words for love used in the Bible: Agape or Godly love, the highest and purest form of love; Phileo or friendship/brotherly love; and storge meaning love of a parent to a child. The term eros meaning erotic love closely associated with porneo - base word for pornography is not found in Scripture.

The name Philadelphia comes from Greek words meaning?

The name means 'brotherly love' from the Greek 'phileo' to love and 'adelphos' meaning 'brother'. Taken from the name of a city in Asia Minor mentioned in the New Testament, which came into the possession of the Turks in 1392. Now called Allahshehr, translated as 'City of God'