What is PSA score range?

Updated: 5/20/2024
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PSA or Prostate-specific antigen is a test that measures the blood level of the PSA which is a protein in the prostate gland. There is no specific normal range. In the past the normal range has been 4.0 ng/mL and lower. Since than doctors have noted patients with levels of 4.0 and below to have cancer while patients with high levels did not.

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is a psa of 6.0 ok for a 64 years old

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Q: What is PSA score range?
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Is 4.6 abnormal for prostate specific AG?

4.6 is high, I know because that was my psa score. Your free PSA score would be a more accurate reading in regards to Prostate Cancer

What are normal PSA levels?

A PSA level of 10 is a little high but it is still within a healthy range. A healthly PSA range is between 4 and 10. Anything lower or higher could be a problem.

Is 3.1 psa test score ok for a 72 year old man?


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I make 12.30/hr. All the other PSA's in my store range from 11.00-1150/hr.

What does a 11.5 PSA test mean?

A PSA score of 11.5 is high. Normal PSA for men age 50 is 4-6, but a high PSA in itself does not mean the presence of prostate cancer. A high PSA can indicate an enlarged prostate or Benign Prostate Hyperplasia (BPH) or prostate infection. A urologist can determine your condition through a biopsy to detect the presence of cancer cells.

What does it mean if your psa score is 274?

I'm afraid you'd have to tell me what 'psa' means. I don't think a human malewith a Prostate Specific Antigen concentration of 274 could be walking around.

How do you work out the frequency time the score when the score is a range?

You use the mid-point of the range.

What does a 3.5 psa in a 47 year old mean?

If by PSA you're referring to prostate-specific antigen, a level of 3.5 would be considered within the normal range.

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