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Peripheral blood smear. It is when a haematologist spreads blood onto a microscope slide so they can look at the shape of the cells directly.

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Q: What is PBS means on hematology?
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What is the suffix for hematology?

The suffix for hematology is hemo. This is a Greek term that means blood. Another suffix for hematology is hema.

In a Hematology test what is PLT for?

PLT means platelet count.

What does RBC means in a hematology test?

Red Blood Cell Count

What is the abbreviation for hematology?


What is haematology or hematology the study of?

Haemotology or hematology is the study of blood, blood-forming organisms and blood diseases. Haema comes from the Greek word haima, which means blood.

Which word means the science that encompasses the anatomy physiology and pathology of blood?


What does low RDW CV mean in a hematology test?

A low RDW-cv on a hematology test means that there is a very small variation in the size of your red blood cell. Low RDW means that the cells are mostly the same size, while high RDW means the sizes are different.

When was Experimental Hematology created?

Experimental Hematology was created in 1972.

How do you put hematology in a sentence?

In my studies to become a phlebotomist, I took courses on hematology. I aspire to become the chief of the hematology department.

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What causes hematology blood disorder?

"hematology" means the study of blood. there are thousands of diseases of blood and as for the causes of "blood disorders," there are thousands of those too, including genetic diseases, nutritional deficiencies, cancers, and infections.

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