What is New World Syndrome?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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A disease brought on by eating junk food.

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Q: What is New World Syndrome?
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Where is the National Tourette Syndrome Association?

The National Tourette Syndrome Association is in Bayside, New York

How many people have joubert syndrome in the world?

Approximately 500 - 600 people in the word have Joubert Syndrome.

How many people in the world haves marfan syndrome?

1 in every 5,00o to 7,000 people have Marfan syndrome.

Does marfan syndrome happen around the world?

Yes. Marfan syndrome is found equally in all ethnic groups.

What percentsge of people in the world have down syndrome?


How many people in the world have mobius syndrome?


How many people in the world have Williams Syndrome?


What causes Costello syndrome?

Costello syndrome is an exceedingly rare genetics syndrome first reported in 1977 by Dr. Jack Costello,a geneticist in New Zealand. With an estimated 300 people in the world, the incidence is 1:24 million, or fewer than 10 babies born with the syndrome per year worldwide. Researchers have recently identified Costello syndrome associated with mutations on the HRAS gene. for more information please visit

How many people in the world have mermaid syndrome?

that's unanswerable

How many people in north America have down syndrome?

There are approximately7,222,222 people with down syndrome in the world ( if you compare the stat 1 in every 800-1000 births to the world's population of 6.5 billion).

What are the demographics of Sturge-Weber syndrome?

Sturge-Weber syndrome is a sporadic disease that is found throughout the world, affecting males and females equally.

Who discovered eye syndrome?

Me the world famous Cripes la vou