What is Motrin in generic form?

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The generic of Motrin is ibuprofen.

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Q: What is Motrin in generic form?
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What is the generic medicine for Motrin?


What are the active ingredients in Motrin?

ibuprofenIbuprofen. Motrin is a brand name like Advil. Ibuprofen is the generic drug name.

Is ibuprofen a Brand drug or is it also available as a Generic drug?

Ibuprofen is an NSAID so yes, it does come in generic form. Advil and Motrin are both name brand medicine that use Ibuprofen as their active ingredient, but you can get generic ibuprofen as well.

What is the geniric name for Ibuprofen?

Ibuprofen is the generic name for Advil or Motrin.

What is the generic name for Ibuprofen?

Exactly that. The specific name for ibuprofen is Advil and Motrin, usually.

What is the generic form of atenolol?

Atenolol IS the generic form.

Is a text box a generic form?

Is a text bos a generic form

Is there a generic form of extenze?

No it appears that Extenze is a generic drug. Therefore there is no generic for it.

What is the generic form of Cialas?

A generic form of the medicine is different from the version that is trademarketed. Cialis is under patent and it is not possible to name it "generic".

Is sintrocid the generic form of synthroid?

is sintrocid generic synthroid

Is there a generic form for zovirax?

no, no generic form. I don't have a clue why though, it's been on the market for years.

Can you mix amoxicillin with Motrin?

Amoxicillin is a type of antibiotic that is prescribed to treat bacterial infections. Motrin is a form of Ibuprofen, used to reduce fever and inflammation, and to relieve pain. Yes, you can mix Amoxicillin with Motrin.

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