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Kobe or Shaq

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Q: What is Justin Bieber's favorite basketball player?
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What is Justin Bieber's favorit basketball team?

Justin Biebers favorite basketball team is the LOS ANGELAS LAKERS.his favorite player from that team is, Kobe BryantHe loves the Los Angelos Lakers, and his fav player is Kobe Bryantlos angles lakersJustin Bieber fav. b-ball team is the Kentucky Wildcats because he likes John Callipari.According to an interview, she is quite a fan of England's national netball team. When asked to clarify if that's what she really meant, she said that's what she really meant.what is Justin biebers fav basketball team He likes the Cavs

Who is Justin biebers idol hockey player?

I love you

Who is 50 Cent's favorite basketball player?

50 Cent's favorite basketball player is Mai of course.

Who was basketball player Morris Peterson's favorite basketball player as a kid?

Magic Johnson

Who is Sasha Obama's favorite basketball player?

Dwayne Wade

Who's your favorite basketball player?

the bulls derick rose

What is Michael Jackson' favorite basketball player?

Michael jordon

Who are Justin's favorite athletes?

It has been reported that his favorite sport is hockey. He wanted to be a famous hockey player on the Toronto Maple Leafs when he was little, and his favorite basketball team is reportedly the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Who is justin Bieber's favorite NHL player?

Wayne Gretsky

Who was rajon rondos favorite basketball player when he was a kid?

Rajon Rondo

What is latrell j 46 favorite basketball player?

Kobe Bryant

Who is lebron James favor basketball player?

according to his biography his favorite player Michael Jordan