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arleen garcia

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Q: What is Jeremy sumpters girlfriend name?
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Who is Jeremy sumpters girlfriend?


Im Jeremy sumpters girl friend?

I doubt it.

When is Jeremy sumpters birthday?

Jeremy Sumpters birthday is on the 5th of feb 2011 he is 22 stared in peter pan when 14 in 2003 xx hope this helps xx

What is Jeremy sumpters favrote color?

his favorite color is blue

What does Jeremy sumpters tattoo say?

to die would be a awfully big adventure

Who are Jeremy sumpters sisters?

Jeremy Sumpter has 2 sisters. A twin, Jessica and his other sister Jennifer. He also has a brother, Travis.

What is Jeremy sumpters favorite drink?

As a matter of fact, a fan asked him this question and he said "Coca Cola" (Coke).

What is the Full name of Jeremy Shada's girlfriend?

The full name of Jeremy Shada's girlfriend is Carolynn Rowland.

Does Jeremy from Alesana have a girlfriend?

Yes. I can't remember he name sorry.

What was Jeremy roloff's girlfriend Kirsten's last name?

Kirsten Simoneau

Does Justin bieber have a girlfriend in february?

Jeremy jack bieber - his full name

Does Jeremy Lenzo of Mayday Parade have a girlfriend?

YES HE DOES! her name is Ashley and shes gorgeous