What is FraudUltraAntivir2009?

Updated: 9/16/2023
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I found Fraud.UltraAntivir2009 on my computer when I did a scan using Spybot S&D.

I found it too when scanned with Spybot. I removed it and had several problems: printer wouldn't connect etc.

No real answers to the question - what is Fraud.UltraAntivir2009

This is what I found:

Fraud.UltraAntivir2009 - is a downloader

The name "Fraud" might be too severe

It is simply a file

It is actually necessary for some programs to Download information you request:

when dialing - downloads contact list OR call list etc.

majicJack relies on it.

Before you destroy this file - make sure something youuse is not depending on it.

If you destroyed it - remember that Spybot can revers it.

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Q: What is FraudUltraAntivir2009?
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