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Mr Francesca Simon ;D

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Q: What is Francesca Simon husband called?
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What are Francesca Simon's parents called?

who are francesca simon,s patrents

Does francesca Simon have a husband?

yes she does i dont no the name but she does have one

When did francesca Simon get married?

Francesca Simon got married in 1999 to a man called Martin

Is the author Francesca Simon a Miss or a Mrs?

She is a Mrs as she is married to her husband Martin.

What is francesca simon's son called?


Where was Francesca Simon born and where she lives now?

Francesca Simon was born in St. Louis, Missouri, United States. She lives in London with her husband, son Joshua, and Tibetan Spaniel, Shanti.

Where was francesca Simon born?

Francesca Simon was born in the united tateds

What is francesca simons real name?

Francesca Simon's real name or name given at birth is, Francesca Simon.

How many children has francesca Simon got?

francesca Simon has got 3 children

How old is Francesca Simon?

Francesca Simon is 62 years old. She was born on February 23, 1955.

How old will Francesca Simon be this year?

Francesca Simon was born in 1955. She will be 55 years old this year.

Is francesca Simon married?

yes to simon neil