What is Direct trauma?

Updated: 9/25/2023
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Q: What is Direct trauma?
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How could you brake a bone?

You break a bone from direct or indirect trauma. Direct trauma is a blow or a fall and indirect trauma when you twist or turn and if the bone is diseased it can snap

When the body is subject to physical trauma such as in an automobile accident which organs are the most vulnerable to injury homeostatic imbalance?

I believe that the kidneys, brain, and lungs are most vulnerable to accidental trauma, but the heart, kidney, brain, eyes would be more open to direct trauma, such as a strike or directional impact.

What causes swelling in the brain?

Swelling of the brain if often caused by the brain hitting the cranium due to blunt or direct trauma.

What can cause trauma?

What causes trauma

What is sp trauma?

status post trauma?

What is sp-trauma?

status post trauma?

What is penetrating trauma trauma?

tertiary blast

What is historical trauma?

this is a trauma caused by an event big enough to cause trauma on an an entire society.

What causes a spiral bone fracture with out trauma to bone or body?

A spiral bone fracture without direct trauma to the bone or body may be caused by repetitive stress or overuse, such as in cases of intense physical activity or training. Osteoporosis or other underlying bone conditions that weaken the bone structure can also increase the risk of spiral fractures without direct trauma. In rare cases, certain medical conditions like bone tumors or genetic disorders can also predispose a person to this type of fracture.

Use trauma in a sentence?

there was blunt trauma to the brain.

What doctor treat trauma victim?

trauma specialist

Is there a trauma center new blood 2?

No, according to ATLUS trauma team was the last of the trauma series sorry