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Tata steel is a different company based in India. Arcelor Mittal is a company based in UK.

The common thing between them is that the owners are Indians.

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Q: What is Difference between tata steel arcelor mittal?
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Which company is the world's largest steel product?

arcelor mittal

ArcelorMittal US Inc health insurance?

i am retired from arcelor mittal steel co. i was a salary employee supervisor who retired in july of 2002. will i still be covered by arcelor mittal co. and will they be penalize for dropping me when i turn 62 years of age.

What is Bethlehem steel now?

Just like W.T. Grant, it ain't no more. The remainder of the corporation was sold to the International Steel Group and later Mittal which is now Arcelor-Mittal. Burns Harbor, Steelon, Conshohoken and Coatesville now operate under the the Arcelor-Mittal umbrella. Sparrows Point was sold to a Russian steelmaker as part of antitrust regulations that allowed the Acerlor-Mittal merger to be completed.

What is the difference between T125 and T140 aluminized seel?

T1-25 and T1-40 are coated with the same coating, but T1-40 is a heavier (thicker) coating weight. The US specification for Aluminized Steel is ASTM A463, There are three US producers of Aluminized Steel: AK Steel, Arcelor Mittal, and Wheeling-Nisshin.

What is the motto of Arcelor?

The motto of Arcelor is 'Steel solutions for a better world'.

When was Mittal Steel Company created?

Mittal Steel Company was created in 1976.

What is the population of Mittal Steel Company?

The population of Mittal Steel Company is 2,006.

Who started the largest steel company?

Gulf Steel is ranked as one of the most reputed producers of reinforcement steel bars in the U.A.E, manufacturing DCL approved steel of high quality. Led by a strong management team, the company has focused on technological excellence geared towards the production of high-quality steel products.

What are the benefits of Mittal steel from entering different nations?

What are the benefts to Mittal Steel from entering different nations

What does mittal steel produces?


Are sunil mittal and laxmi mittal brothers?

NO. Laxmi mittal has only one brother and his name is pramod mittal. he is also into steel industry. Som and sunil mittal are brothers. They both are into telecom business.

Head office of mittal steel company?