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Christians relationship with god i to let him be your savior

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Q: What is Christians relationship with god?
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When was RELIGION discovered?

its not about religion....its about a relationship with God religion is a word non-believers use or christians that arent really christians. its a relationship.

What is the most commonly asked religious question?

for Christians.. "how do you have a relationship with God if you cannot physically see or talk to him" or "how do i know my God is truly the creator"

What do Christians refer to God as their trinity?

The Trinity is man's attempt to describe the nature of God; the relationship of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, as found in the Bible.

What does the rite of marriage teach Christians about the nature of marriage?

The rite of marriage teaches Christians that it's more than just a bond of a relationship or a celebration, but a ritualized promise to God.

Were the israelites Christianity?

Most Israelites are Jewish. Their belief is similar to Christianity, but not the same. They believe in God, but they do not believe that the Messiah has come. They continue to follow the Law of Moses. They do not have a close relationship with God. Christianity is a relationship, not a religion. Christians believe that Jesus was the Messiah, and that because Jesus came He created a path to God so that we may have a relationship with Him.

How are christians devoted to god?

True Christians prove their devotion to God by obeying God in the spirit.

Why Christians worship jeasus?

Christians believe him to be God and therefore worship him as God.

Would it matter what age you are when you start to believe in God and i mean like if you were 20 and you didnt believe and when you turned 21 and then you believed and then can you still go to heaven?

When you start believing in God through Jesus Christ, you have an eternal relationship with God right at that moment on (that's the Christian version). It doesn't matter how old you are. The kingdom of heaven is within you when you start having an eternal relationship with God. When we die, Christians believe that this relationship continues and God's love will never be separated from them. Most Christians believe that there will be a day when the history of humankind will come to an end, and that's when heaven will materialize.

What role God plays in a marriage?

That is a matter of belief. An atheist would say that God plays no role, since he doesn't exist.For Christians; if you base your marriage or relationship on God's principles according to the bible, you will have a long and happy marriage! Of course, what the exact principles are, is a matter of debate, and even Christians get divorced.

Is there a god for Muslims?

Yes, same God for also Christians and Jews.

Why is the Bible the sacred book of Christianity?

The Holy Bible is from God. God love Christians and Christians love God.

What is religion book of christian?

Christianity is not a religion but it's a relationship with God the creator of heaven and earth. Christians don't practice a religion but live the way of life that they were created to live as children of God. The book that helps the new Christians to stay on track is called the "Holy Bible".