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Q: What is Another way to say someone is sweet and innocent?
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Another way to say you're not involved?

if you are not involved in something you are innocent

How do you wish someone 'Sweet dreams' in French?

If you want to tell someone "sweet dreams," you can say "fais de beaux rêves."

How do you say you look sweet in gujrati?

In Gujarati, you would say "તમે મિઠી લાગો છો" to tell someone that they look sweet.

What is another name to say not guilty?

other words - clean-handed,guiltiless,and innocent

What is a nummy?

A nummy is a fringe. Steph's fringe actually, normally if you go up to someone and poke their fringe asking 'what's that?' they should say in this really sweet & innocent voice: 'nummy'. Also, pointing to their hands might make them say 'num num'; just in case you were wondering.

What do you mean when you say someone a a sweet tooth?

When you refer to someone having a sweet tooth, you are saying that they have an eye for sweet things- they like things such a sweets, and sugary things. To like eating sweets is generally termed as having a sweet tooth.

Should you say thanks for being so sweet to you or sweet with you?

When you say "to," it's usually a one way reciprocity. Example:You can talk to someone and they don't necessarily participate in the conversation. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ When you say "with," it involves both parties. Example: You are talking with someone and they are participating and sharing conversational topics.

How do you say sweet talker in Swahili?

Mwenye maneno matamu (A person with sweet words, used of someone who can talk you into something: also mjanja).

How do you say Happy Birthday to someone when its not so happy?

Give them a sweet card to read :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D

How do you say 'sweet' in French as an adjective to describe someone?

"Sweet" in French as an adjective to describe someone is "doux/douce".

do you know how to write Romantic messages?

Woo them with sweet words

What is another way to say disciple?

Disciple is another term for 'follower' of someone.