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The expansion of water when it is cooled from four degree centigrade to zero degree centigrade is known as "anomalous expansion of water."

The unusual behaviour of water, when it expands below

4° celsius to

0° is called anmalus expansion of water.

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Q: What is Anomalous expansion of water?
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How the anomalous expansion of water will help in the conservation of Bio diversity?

the anomalous expansion of water is where water contracts from 0to 4 degrees and then expands.In winters when the large water bodies turn deadly cold,the anomalous expansion of water helps in freezing only the top layer of the water bodies so that the marine life can survive underneath.This is how the anomalous expansion of water is useful in conservation of bio diversity

What is anomalous behavior of watar?

The anomalous behavior of water refers to the expansion of water when it freezes instead of contracting.

What are the disadvantages of the anomalous expansion of water?

water has the property of expanding when cooled at a temperature below 4`C. As a result water pipes burst due to the anomalous (strange) expansion of water in the colder regions.

Because of this anomalous expansion of water that water pipes sometimes burst during winter?

Anomalous expansion of water and bursting of water pipes during winter is because ice takes more space than water

What are disadvantages of anomalous expansion of water?

water pipes burst due to expansion of water in colder regions.

Why does anomalous expansion of water occur?

To save the living creatures in water during winter season.

What happens if water does not have its anomalous expansion?

If Water loses its anomalous expansion then there would be no chances of aquatic life surviving in winter.the density of ice and water will be whatsoever be same which could cause the ice from polar regions to sink in water and causing serious global problems

What is the name of the law of chemistry or physics that makes water expand when it freezes?

the law of anomalous expansion of water.

What is the temperature for water to start increasing its volume?

4 degrees celcious. this is known as anomalous property of expansion.

How does anomalous expansion of water help aquatic organisms in cold climate?

Aquatic life is benefited by the anomalous expansion of water because the water freezes top to bottom, not bottom to top. If it froze bottom to top, then the aquatic life would be pushed up, up, up, towards the surface of the water. Since it goes top to bottom, and the water at the bottom remains at 277K, the Aquatic life can survive there.

what is the use of the anomalous expansion of water to the marines?

The anomalous expansion of water is significant for marines because it causes water to become less dense as it freezes, causing ice to float. This property prevents bodies of water from freezing solid from the bottom up, which is crucial for marine life as it allows organisms to survive beneath the ice during winter months. It also impacts navigation and infrastructure in icy waters.

When water at 4 degrees Celsius is cooled it does it contract?

No. When water is cooled it contracts up to 4 degrees Celsius and then it begins to expand till 0 degrees Celsius. This is called the anomalous expansion of water.