What is 11350 a HS 148.9PC?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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charge 1 11350(A) HS

possess narcotic controlled substance

charge 2 23152(A) VC



charge 3 11550(A) HS


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Q: What is 11350 a HS 148.9PC?
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What is f hs 11350?


What is HS 11350 a f?

Possession of a controlled substance. The F indicates that it is a felony charge.

What does Penal code 1000 refer to?

For felonies, how does penal code section 1000 affect 11350(A) HS and 11550(A) HS and 23152(A) VC?

What is hs 11357?

Most people think it is simply possession of a narcotic, but the Health and Safety Codes for possession are specific. HS 11350 is possession of heroin or other opiates. There is a letter after the code or both a letter and number. 11350 A HS represents possession of heroin for personal use, 11350 (A) (2) HS represents possession of opiates classified as schedule 3,4,or 5. There are different Health Codes for other narcotics - 11377 is for amphetamines, Ketamine, MDMA (Ecstasy), LSD, AND PCP - as well as different letters and numbers after representing intent to sell, transportation, buying with intent to sell, and schedule of the narcotic.

What is the california criminal charge HS11350?

HS 11350 is the criminal charge for those who are found in possession of a controlled substance.Those arrested for possession of a controlled substance must determine whether their possession was actual, constructive, or joint.

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