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Harmonica, rhythm guitar, Bass Guitar, drums and vocals.

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Q: What instruments are used in love me do?
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What instruments were used in Love the Way You Lie?


What instruments are used in Adele's first love?

Glockenspiel :)

What instruments were used in 'With Ur Love' by Cher Lloyd?


What instruments are used in what is love by haddaway?

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Instruments used in song Love you Do by the beatles?

"Love you Do" is not a Beatles song, but you may be referring to "Love Me Do," or "Love You To." Love Me Do instruments - Harmonica, bass, acoustic guitar, tambourine and drums. Love You To instruments - Acoustic guitar, fuzz electric guitar, bass, sitar, tambourine, tabla and tambura.

What instruments are used in the songe love story by Taylor Swift?

Guitar and Drums are both used.

What instruments are used in one love by Bob Marley?

In One Love by Bob Marley, the instruments played are the steel drums and voice (the singer)

What is the instruments used in vision of love mariah carey?

tamborine violen drums

What instruments were used in The Power of Love by Celine Dion?

pop bands and Artist

What is 'love instruments' when translated from English to French?

Aime les instruments, Aimez les instruments and instruments d'amour are French equivalents of the English phrase "love instruments." Context makes clear whether "(You) Love instruments!" (case 1), "(You all) Love instruments!" (example 2) or "instruments of love" (instance 3) suits. The respective pronunciations will be "em ley-zeh-stryoo-maw," "eh-mey le-zeh-stryoo-maw" and "eh-stryoo-maw da-moor" in French.

What type of instruments are in love lockdown?

There has been only one instrument has been used in love lockdown and the name of the system is drums. Yes, drums is the one and only instrument used in lovelockdown.

What instruments are used in Tasmania?

As Tasmania is one of Australia's states, the instruments used there will be the same as the instruments used throughout Australia. there is a great variety of westernised instruments, as well as instruments from other cultures.