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Technically, being electrocuted means being killed by electric shock. So, an electrocuted person is dead.

A person who has been shocked may experience deep burns, muscle spasms (electricity is how your brain tells your muscles to contract), and severe neurological effects. He may also experience ventricular fibrillation, or basically twitching in the heart. This will kill him quickly if not corrected with a defibrillator.

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Q: What injuries does an electrocuted person have?
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What is the correct use of electrocuted?

Usually refers to a person or animal that has had or risks having electricity passed through it (usually unintentionally). "He just got electrocuted" "If you keep poking that you're going to get electrocuted" "The poor thing stepped on the third rail and was electrocuted"

How do you draw a ninja?

draw a person whilst being electrocuted

What are some potential effects of being electrocuted?

The most obvious injuries that can occur are burns and convulsions. Memory loss can also occur. More serious problems could be permanent scar or damage to internal organs. The most serious effect of being electrocuted is death.

Why should yu not keep a radio near a person bathing?

the radio could fall in and the person could be electrocuted

Does electrocuted always mean you die or can you just be harmed?

Many people have survived being electrocuted. The voltage, length of exposure, as well as whether or not the person was wet or standing in water at the time, etc., are determining factors involved as to whether or not the person survives.

Are you responsible for your own injuries?

Self inflicted injuries repose responsibility on the person concerned.

Whats the difference between electric shock and electrocuted?

Electric shock is to electrocuted as burned is to cremated. Electric shock is the same as electrocuted, except that electrocuted has actually induced death; to kill by electric shock.

How do you use electrocuted in a sentence?

Neila was almost electrocuted when her crock pot shorted out.

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He was not electrocuted by his lightning experiment (although the next person to attempt it died), but rather when trying to kill a turkey. He was doing an experiment at a dinner party to electrocute a turkey so as to not only kill it quickly but also to make the bird tender (muscles relax with such a shock). The experiment failed and Franklin was electrocuted. Of course, it did not kill him. He did this experiment in 1750 - 40 years before his death.

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