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Vital signs are usually recorded on a patient's graphic record.

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Q: What info is usually recorded on a patients graphic record?
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A deposition is usually recorded.

What is authority file for identification of a patients health record usually called?


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Cases in court are recorded by many means. They can be recorded by video, though cameras, by writing down and images, and a secretary usually uses a type-writer to record what is said.

What is a patients file?

A patients file is generally their medical record.

What does the medical abbreviation EEG mean?

EEG stands for is a test used to detect epilepsy. electroencephalogram - A graphic record of the electrical activity of the brain as recorded by an electroencephalograph.Electroencephalograph.EEG stands for electroencephalogram.electroencephalogramelectroencephalogram.

What does an ecg record?

it is a graphic record of the electric current produced by the excitation of the cardiac muscle.

What does electroencephalogram?

A graphic record of the electrical activity of the brain .

What is a record of the patients office visit called?

The visiting record.

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Facebows are used to record the patients occlusion, usually so that casts can be accurately positioned on a semi-adjustable articulator

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