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Your attitude can be changed.

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Q: What influences on health can be changed?
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What are the influences on your health?

There are genetic influences, environmental influences, behavioral influences, and events unforeseen. The biggest influence on your health is your attitude. If you make choices that maximize good influences and minimizes the negative influences, the better odds will be that you will stay healthy.

Dimensions of health and cultural influences?

Health dimensions include physical, emotional, mental, social, and spiritual aspects. Cultural influences shape individuals' beliefs, values, and behaviors related to health, affecting how they perceive and address health issues. Cultural factors such as beliefs about illness, healthcare practices, and social support systems can impact an individual's overall well-being and health outcomes.

How is behavior different from other influences on your health?

the behavior is different from other influences on your health becuz it's tell's u if your health or not .it tells what u eat.

What are negative influences on community health?

A lack of health resources

What were the influences of the great awakening?

people changed their religions people changed their religions

What are influences of good health?

You live Longer

What is a negative influences on community health?

A lack of health resources becomes a negative influence on community health.

How has health changed since 1900?

how has health care changed since the 1900s

External and internal influences on an individuals health?

knowledge and attitudes

What are 2 negative influences on your health?

Sleep deprivation and boys!

What influences your nutrition?

Metabolism, activity levels, Allergies, health--

What skill are you using when you try to recognize the effects of culture media and friends on your health habits?

You are analyzing influences when you attempt to recognize the effects of culture, media, and friends on your health habits.