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A quck test that differtiates those under great stress from more normal people is the CFF (critical frequency fusion).

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Q: What indicates strong mental health?
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Is strong economic health necessary for a community to have strong mental and social health?

While strong economic health can contribute to overall well-being, mental and social health in a community are influenced by various factors beyond just economic prosperity. Access to mental health services, social support systems, sense of belonging, and community cohesiveness are also critical for maintaining strong mental and social health. Economic health can play a role, but it is not the sole determining factor.

Can we say mental and physical health or physical and mental health?

You can say "mental and physical health". You can also say "physical and mental health". So both are completely acceptable.

Is mental health government controlled?

What part of mental health?

How and where can you get an associated degree for mental health?

How and where can you get an associated degree for mental health?

What group of people are least likely to commit suicide?

People who have strong social connections, good mental health support, and access to mental health resources are least likely to commit suicide. Strong relationships and a supportive environment can help prevent feelings of isolation and hopelessness that often contribute to suicidal thoughts.

Which description shows the best balance of physical social and mentalemotional health?

A balanced lifestyle that includes regular exercise for physical health, maintaining strong relationships and social connections for social health, and practicing mindfulness and stress management for mental/emotional health would demonstrate the best balance among physical, social, and mental/emotional health.

Which expression is correct mental and physical health or physical and mental health?

Body's physical health is interconnected and cannot be separated from your body's mental health. One affects the other.

What is the address of cavite center for mental health?

Cavite center for mental health

Are you born with Mental health?

yes you can be but you are not always born with mental health issues

When is Mental Health month 2009?

Mental Health Month 2009 was in May.

what is mental health?

i have little knowledge about mental health can anybody has guide me more

How do you get mental health insurance when you have no money?

You don't. However, there are resources in your area. Contact your local mental health association for assistance, or your state mental health agency.